Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards

Greenway's Vineyard - Lower Murray

Terra Rossa soils under blue skies.

Greenway's Vineyard is located on the banks of the River Murray, approximately due east of Tanunda, in the Barossa Valley in the Lower Murray Wine Zone.

Because of its location, the Mean January Temperature is approximately 3.5 degrees cooler than in the Riverland; also enjoying late afternoon breezes up the river from Langhorne Creek direction during summer.

Located on red sandy soil over limestone, the quality is far superior to Riverland grapes, and locals assert, to fruit grown at Langhorne Creek.

Vineyard Location

Located near the township of Nildottie (via Walker Flat) on the eastern side of the River Murray on the same latitude as Tanunda in the Barossa Valley.

Plantings at a glance

Lower Murray




Est. yield

Expected harvest date


Cabernet Sauvignon

3.74 Ha

75 tonne

Mid February 2011



2.11 Ha

40 tonne

End January 2011



2.05 Ha

40 tonne

Mid February 2011

SH01, 03


4.62 Ha

90 tonne

Mid February 2011

Map of Lower Murray    

Map of Greenway's Vineyard


Map of Plantings


Map of Plantings


Map of Plantings