Vintaroo Australian Premium Wine


Having applied for trademark protection for Vintaroo in Australia and various overseas wine export markets, Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards now seeks to appoint substantial importers and distributors in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, that are capable of wide distribution of Vintaroo Premium Wine within their marketplaces.

As part of its vision to build Vintaroo Premium Wine into a substantial worldwide wine brand, Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards will also be seeking the appointment of distributors worldwide.

“Hamilton's Ewell Vineyards are very excited to be associated with the comeback of one of Australia's earliest, visionary export labels. So I invite potential distributors to contact us,” Mark Hamilton says.


The Vintaroo wine labels feature graphic imagery that evokes the red heart of the Australian continent – a landscape washed by post-drought rains, bathed in sunshine and clean air and basking under endless blue skies. A solitary iconic kangaroo traverses this unique terrain.

The back label story briefly highlights the wine's historical context - the makers being Australia's oldest wine family - and that the wine is made to reflect the Outback with their excellent, sun-filled fruit flavours.

The wide wrap around label – giving a wide, global feel - was designed to appeal to the 25-35 age group, as well as more mature wine drinkers seeking contemporary branding. The colours of Australia's outback convey a sense of space, simplicity and peace.

While the Vintaroo Australian Premium Red and Vintaroo Australian Premium White label names (and premium content) will remain constant, the varieties may change from vintage to vintage.